Freight transportation.

Kravu pārvadājumi pa Latviju

Small freight shipment.

Very outgoing freight delivery payment system, that is available for every client, to meet his needs of top class service. Our drivers/expediters are experienced, non-smoking, professional and responsible, so your freight gets to the destination in your chosen time and spot.

Vietējie kravu pārvadājumi

Local freight transportation.

Our services in the local transportation business are used by many companies already. Over the years, we have earned our clients trust with a reliable, safe, quality on-time service. Logistics services in Latvia.

Starptautiskie kravu pārvadājumi

International freight transportation.

Our company provides international freight transportation services. That is a great opportunity to gain new clients and widen the range of your business. Professional drivers will deliver your freight in the destination, during the shortest period of time, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

All kinds of freight delivery by land.

  • Freight transportation in Latvia, Baltics and Europe.
  • Combined freight transportation.
  • Freight taxi services.
  • International freight transportation.
  • Other transportation services
Right here is where you don’t have to worry about the quality of service. Very outgoing company. We are very pleased, that every delivery and load is on time. Hoping on a further succesful collaboration.
Jānis K., Krasts-R SIA

Contact us and receive the best offer!

Freight delivery on-time.
Nowadays bumps on the road are everywhere, whether it would be the weather, traffic or other circumstances and that is why for every client it is important to deliver the freight to his chosen destination on-time. Up until now we’ve only had satisfied clients, that choose our services repeatedly.
A fast delivery does not mean extra fees, that is only a system, that has been made by our team and expediters, that guarantees that the freight will arrive on time and the safety net, that our service is top quality. There are many advantages to a quick delivery, which will make you forget the possible troubles.
Our clients have always been satisfied with the freight delivery timing and the prices for every situation. We are a safety guaranty for a fast freight delivery and an international quality of service.

Freight transportation and quality of the service.

Our offered freight transportation service and the quality of it is a standard for your convenience. That lets us to be leaders among our opponents and lets us to spread our working space. We’ve developed a plan, that includes regular updates and gives you an insight  of how reliable is our teams professionality and possibilities.
We regularly analyze and follow closely to our level of quality, to give you the highest class level possible and to satisfy each clients individual wants and needs. A high quality service is made up of our experience, knowledge, stability and professionality, which is hard to compare with our concurring companies.
We have developed our own reveal of defects, that lets us to get rid of any difficulties on the way and to give you the best service possible with a stable level of quality.

Our professional drivers and level of our service will give you a safety feeling you can rely on. We have developed strict and extra safe rules to our drivers, so the client would be completely satisfied about his freight safety. Freight transportation with special care about whats trusted upon.

Our target is to be the best in the chain industry of safety and to secure your freight we analyze working power and people co reaction problems, that lets us to pass by our opponent companies. Our company has always managed to handle all kinds of obstacles and since our experience is so much of worth, we offer it all to you.

We’ve developed and we use different kinds of safety techniques, that convinces all of our clients of that we provide the safest delivery services.

Sertified transportation of freight gives extra safety guarantee. Safe freight transportation.

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