Transportation services.

Transporta pakalpojumi Latvijā

Transportation services in Latvia.

Our company offers you all kinds of transportation service for any of your needs, for the best prices and confidence about the fact, that we know our offers are the best for you.

Kravu pārvadājumi un transporta pakalpojumi

Freight transportation services.

We offer freight transportation services whole year round – available prices for everybody. If you do your shopping for larger objects with the help of our company, we will guarantee the best quality service.

Transporta pakalpojumi Rīgā

Freight transportation services on land.

Freight transportation services in Latvia, Baltics and Europe. All kinds of transportation services, with excellent quality and friendly prices. Contact us and find out the best solution and price for your request.

All kinds of transportation services.

  • Freight transportation in Latvia, Baltics and Europe.
  • Moving/resettling service in Latvia and Europe.
  • Small load transportation services
  • Furniture transportation
  • Bus rental with a driver.
  • Passenger transportation
  • Freight transportation services.
  • Minivan/Minibus rent with a driver in Riga.
  • Other transportation services
We are glad to be working with Parvadjumi24, because you don’t have to worry about anything, everything will get done properly. Their service must be rated as 5 star at least.
Sigita M., Eugesta & Partners

Contact us and receive the best price for your request!

Transportation services for anyone.

Sometimes for companies it is hard to offer good service, or any at all, if its raining, freezing, snowing, windy, or any other weather obstacles. We have developed a system, to take care of that, that will allow you to order and allow us to offer you the best quality for your request. We do not care about slippery autumn leaves, strong winds, rain or snow.

Our team includes some very experienced expediters, that will make sure you don’t have to worry about the safety of your freight. Our transportation services are available all year round, any time, in any kind of weather in Latvia and all around. See for yourself and you will never be disappointed.

Services, that are used by the widest range of clients.

Our company’s quality level is rising and people are surprised about our steep growth in such a short period of time, but it’s is all thanks to you. Our long-term partner count is rising with every day and we offer our services to many kinds of companies and private persons.

Our services are available for everybody, for small and big enterprises. Our team will help You to widen your range and reach partners outside of Latvia. Our company’s fortune formula is great price offers and an attitude – with responsibility for what you’ve trusted.

Everyday we meet a wide range of clients and for everyone the needs are different. We treat our clients very individually, meeting all your wishes for the situation. It is important to us, that the client is satisfied and would pa their gratitude, because that’s our motivation – to be the best at what we do.

Transportation services, worth introducing to others.

Quality transportation services in Riga, Latvia and around Europe.

In transportation industry it is important, that one provides the quality requested. Anyone wants to receive the highest quality possible for a lower price. Our company is targeting to satisfy their clients and provide them with the best of services. Most of all we want to make our services available for everybody, so that’s why our price policy is so friendly and outgoing.

In everyday work, we regularly make sure our service is up-to-date, so we follow closely to the newest tendencies and requests of clients all over the world. We analyze our offered services and we do everything we can to be one step ahead of companies in this industry.

Our professional specialists will operate and quickly take care of all of your needs, relieving you of any problems, or situations, that occur. By getting any of our services You will always be up-to-date and taken care of the things, that might not be used to, so we could meet your expectations and become long-term partners. Connection between the client and company is the main string of trust and we will provide that 24/7.

A system of this kind lets our cooperation to flow in top quality, cooperatively and most of all with no bumps in the road.

To find out more about transportation services read here.

Quality transportation services is our specialty – Pārvadājumi24

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